Developing thinkers and problem solvers for now and the future

Your brain is nearly identical to your ancestor’s brain at your age, thousands and thousands of years ago.

Yet, your smartphone would be unrecognizable to even your parents at the same age.

Education is the bridge which connects the abilities of our old brain, with the capabilities of new technologies.

However, our modern education system was designed to create efficient factory workers, not the effective thinkers required for adapting to an accelerating world. The entire education system revolves around a problem from long ago: information scarcity.   While today’s students can access the world’s information in their pocket, schools still focus on memorizing a certain curated list of facts. These student’s future’s are determined by their ability to regurgitate these facts. Consequently, what is taught and how it is tested, is all meant to ensure those coming out of the high-school, college and university assembly lines know where to go, all based on one stamp: A, B, C, or D.

While the issue is not this simple and the variations around the globe are numerous, the problem it has created is huge. The world of tomorrow is not ready for the students being trained for the past.

At Socelor, you learn how we learn and how to think critically. An essential part of learning is avoiding the stress that comes from feeling out of control. Consequently, you do not receive tests, final exams, grades or a qualification. Instead, you will receive a personalized, accurate and in-depth Socelor Recommendation.

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You cannot wait until a house burns down to buy fire insurance on it. We cannot wait until there are massive dislocations in our society to prepare for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Robert J. Shiller, 2013 Nobel laureate in economics