Cognitive Enablers

Advanced Cognitive Enablers: Why Not Online?

The scientific evidence for how we learn advanced cognitive enablers (critical thinking, complex reasoning, higher order creativity, metacognition…) involves iterative discussions; discussions between peers who weigh out evidence and come to conclusions based on logic, reason, and evidence. Since logic and reason are thought to be blind to emotion, why shouldn’t learning these skills through … Continue reading

4th Industrial Revolution

Calcified Remains: Rigidity is Not the Way Through the 4th Industrial Revolution

I have written several articles about moving through the difficult transition that we are finding ourselves in as we move into the cyber-enhanced world we are increasingly seeing around us. The reality that I see is that the rigidity of the most powerful organizations around us is going to cause unnecessary pain and suffering to … Continue reading

4th Industrial Revolution, Socelor

Do We Still Need Dedicated Learning Experiences Before Entering Work?

As I have written articles about the need for higher order thinking skills (cognitive enablers), I have stressed the need for a way to formally learn these skills. There is no argument that these advanced cognitive enablers are some of the skills that will remain, for the foreseeable future, exclusively human and highly valued in … Continue reading