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Being right on the wrong side of history

The current state of political discourse is at a rather polarized point in America, especially as their unacknowledged scars are coming to the surface amidst a pandemic. There is clearly a growing divide. One of the most poignant is the built-up rage from many years of systemic racism as those who have suffered the brunt of American colonialism and imperialism for centuries, in one form or another, amounting to seemingly endless oppression and marginalization, have taken to the streets. We have all seen the pain and anger spill onto the public space and how those in power react to these groups requesting to be treated on equal terms and not systematically squeezed out of the cultural zeitgeist as something below the oblivious, or even outright racist, privileged and dwindling majority in the country. 

One of the factors that brought these groups to a breaking point was the far-right rhetoric and ideology that has always permeated American culture, though at this point, since the election of Donald Trump and the growth of alternative media echo chambers, has been emboldened by subtle nods and an implicit acknowledgment of their movement, anxieties, and fears while simultaneously bolstering their ranks and giving them a sense that it might very well be their time to shine and implement their warped and misguided wishes. This was also amplified by police practicing state brutality in the wake of George Floyd protests, acting as a mechanism to reinforce these systemic problems. 

The group peaked and subsequently weakened in Charlottesville when the alt-right amassed. Their violent and paranoid actions, which included driving a vehicle in a crowd and then later, marching with torches near a statue of confederate general General E Lee, while chanting ” You will not replace us!”, revealed how far down the toxic ideological well they had fallen. 

The chant was of course aimed at the growing population that does not fall into the alt-rights idealized world, a world that is very traditional or has every race in its own nation and each takes care of their own, into Ethnostates which some believe, is the solution to the problems facing modern society, some might go even further and promote genocide to cleanse the world of these other races so the purity of the white race can be preserved and continue its wrongly assumed tradition of being the bastions of hope possessing an unmatched glory and intelligence.

Of course, anyone that does their research will find that their goal is rather far fetched and unrealistic, and relies on ignoring or twisting the reality of nature with bad and racist science that is further drug along with contaminated intellectualism that masquerades as a spout of rationality and logic. Led by a hoard of demagogues and populists all working in unison, though not necessarily working as a whole, but rather,  inadvertently spread out amongst the spectrum of the political landscape, reaching the lite conservative to the radicalized incel or militia, there does not seem to be much organization but rather a diverse and scattered nature to the ideology. This too, a tactic suggested by those in their history and one that is even further manipulated by forces that utilize these groups to gain political and monetary power.

It is a complex issue, that runs on a fine-tuned propaganda machine that had its origins even before Hitler and the Nazi party managed to enthrall a nation and enact the holocaust, even before propaganda was stigmatized to imply a bad thing, as it can be used for both good and nefarious purposes, as will be shown, along with many other mechanisms and investigations into this rather persistent ideology and its current form and how to remedy it, if at all.

Buckle up, it’s time for a journey into the world of the alt-right. 


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