What does it mean to work smarter rather than harder?

You already work hard. What is it that others have that you don’t?

Abstract Cognitive Enablers

These are thinking skills that you aren’t taught in college or university. Some people figure them out, but they are hard to learn. At Socelor, we use the principles underlying The Science of Learning to teach Abstract Cognitive Enablers.

We aren’t born Brilliant!

We learn Brilliance!


Why shouldn’t you be as brilliant as any of your colleagues? You know that inside you have all that it

takes. What you are missing is what you haven’t been taught. At Socelor, you can learn as many of the abstract cognitive enablers that you want to learn.

Enrol in a module that will begin to teach you how to stand out. How to work smarter. How to be as brilliant as anyone else. How to really think.

Is it hard work? Does it take a while?


Of course it is. You know that a weekend seminar isn’t going to make you brilliant or everyone would already be brilliant. A smartphone app doesn’t cut it. You’re already brilliant enough to have figured that one out. The problem has been that unless you figure out how to get these abstract cognitive enablers on your own, there hasn’t been anywhere that will teach you. Now there is!


We teach nothing but abstract cognitive enablers in order for you to stand out.

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