The Science of Learning: Extrinsic Motivation in Education

After talking about both extrinsic and extrinsic motivation, how does this apply to education? I'll start by touching on some of the extrinsic motivators in education that get us and our students to play our part. In formal education, the further along you progress, the more extrinsic the motivators become. By the third grade, children … Continue reading


The Science of Learning: Intrinsic Motivation Basics

As promised, my second piece on motivation. When I was growing up, I was a Yankees baseball fan. They were winning, my third-grade teacher read us a story about Mickey Mantle, and my dad loved the Dodgers – so I picked the Yankees. I listened to an interview on the radio with Reggie Jackson one … Continue reading

Motivation, The Science of Learning

The Science of Learning: Extrinsic Motivation

Over the next few days, I will present a few articles about academic motivation. First, I need to lay the groundwork for understanding the basics of motivation. Ryan and Deci are the two principle researchers in this field, and they tell us that intrinsic motivation is the self-desire to seek out new things and new … Continue reading