Jean Piaget on education

This article is going to be looking at education through the theoretical lens of the Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget. After learning about many of the various issues that surround modern education through many hours of conversations and collaboration with a professor and now colleague, who had taught in a fashion quite similar to what is… Read More

Experiences from inside the classroom

This is a personal experience blog post of things I have noticed during my time in post-secondary education. There is an implicit method within modern education that covers up the fact they are not really teaching critical thinking. Part of this is class participation being the bare minimum, encouraging maybe a small amount of class… Read More

Stagnant wells

Going through modern education after actually learning what it is missing and being one of the initiators of this institution, has pushed me to actually really dig into the issues that surround the field I have chosen to work in, that of psychology and education. One of the main problems that has bothered me is… Read More

Science of Learning: Self Correction

I wrote earlier this week about cognitive flexibility as a hallmark of higher order thinking skills. Closely following the flexibility to consider different thinking is the second (and I think the most important) of the characteristics of higher order thinking skills. This is the characteristic of the willingness to self-correct. In education one of the… Read More

Science of Learning: Lecture Enhancements

Any discussion about lecturing in higher education is bound to become passionate with proponents going to great lengths to defend their practice but with little or no evidence to support their assertions. The most effective argument for continuing to lecture is about the enhancement of traditional lectures with various methods (active learning) to engage students.… Read More