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Action Research Examined

Action research in education currently makes up the bulk of the published research into instructional strategies evaluating classroom performance. Action research is research that is conducted within a classroom followed by an analysis that is performed comparing the strategies used. Action research forms the foundation of evidence-based practice in the education world today. Action research … Continue reading

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Critical Thinking, Critical Analysis, and Critique – Same or Different?

Unfortunately, for many naïve teachers and students, these three things are thought of as the same thing. They are not. They are two different things (two of these things are closely related – one of these things just doesn’t belong). I can’t tell you how many scholarship applications that I have read from incoming first-year … Continue reading

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Why is Discussion the Best Method of Teaching

Peer discussion, with moderate input from a professor, is the best form of teaching there is. There are several reasons that I will go over. The first is the basic information transmission, retention, and recall. When information is taken in it becomes knowledge. Knowledge must be embedded into our understanding in order to become something … Continue reading