Relevance, recommendations, and expected outcomes

The next industrial revolution is going to disintegrate many jobs while also creating new ones in its wake. The skills that are going to stand out, and to a large extent be required, in the workforce of the near future, are detailed in an earlier post and are what we at Socelor are aiming to transfer to learners… Read More

Stagnant wells

Going through modern education after actually learning what it is missing and being one of the initiators of this institution, has pushed me to actually really dig into the issues that surround the field I have chosen to work in, that of psychology and education. One of the main problems that has bothered me is… Read More

Higher Order Thinking? Science of Learning? Creativity?

I have been left perplexed recently by some of the comments by colleagues in higher education. It leaves me wondering about the thinking abilities of some in higher education. This morning, I read a comment that blew me away – it went something like this, “Learning is much more than just scientific principles because there… Read More