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Critical Thinking, Critical Analysis, and Critique – Same or Different?

Unfortunately, for many naïve teachers and students, these three things are thought of as the same thing. They are not. They are two different things (two of these things are closely related – one of these things just doesn’t belong). I can’t tell you how many scholarship applications that I have read from incoming first-year … Continue reading

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Critical Thinking and Sources of Evidence

I have posted several times about critical thinking in higher education today (or not), but have ignored a critical component of critical thinking – evidence. Even though critical thinking skills are missing in a significant proportion of our graduates, there is still a significant number who have gained critical thinking skills. We know that the brain, as … Continue reading

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Critical Thinking and Content, Content, Content

I wrote a piece about critical thinking last week, and when I read over the comments, I see a backlash against teaching higher order thinking skills because the students need “FACTS” both in order to learn how to think critically and to survive out there in the world. I find this incredible. There have been … Continue reading

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Automation – Future Proofing Careers

Automation is real. It is here to stay. Jobs will be lost. Careers will disappear. People are fearful, if not for their own occupation, for someone close to him or her. Interestingly, only 7% feel that their own job will be effected. In addition, Pollyanna analysts say that automation will actually increase the number of … Continue reading