Experiences from inside the classroom

This is a personal experience blog post of things I have noticed during my time in post-secondary education. There is an implicit method within modern education that covers up the fact they are not really teaching critical thinking. Part of this is class participation being the bare minimum, encouraging maybe a small amount of class… Read More

Article Index

The articles I have written are listed below as an index. The articles on The Science of Learning are near the bottom. There are about 60 of them. The articles near the top are focussed more on advanced cognitive enablers and the 4th Industrial Revolution and what we can be doing about this painful transition… Read More

Why go to University

We know that the vast majority of students (85% in September 2016) go into higher education to get a qualification. But there are other reasons as well that have nothing to do with learning. As Stevens points out, “The college… is proud of its twenty-eight varsity sports teams, its budding artists and musicians, community service… Read More

Tuition Well Spent

Student tuition and government grants make up the bulk of institutional funding in today’s higher education world. This money is largely devoted to the teaching of the students, or is it? In an earlier article, I wrote about how students’ are taking on massive debt to support the research infrastructure of the universities. Although this is… Read More

The Dr. is in the Room

A few years ago Quintin McKellar mentioned the long established link between research expertise and teaching, stating that “Although the evidence for the contribution of research activity to teaching excellence is thin, what exists is largely positive…”. In searching through the evidence, the teaching referred to appears to be the kind of teaching done in an apprenticeship/master… Read More