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Taster Session

April 1st we are running our first taster session online for prospective students to experience what it is that we do at Socelor before committing to really learning through the methods we use.

The taster module will take six weeks with a couple of two to three hour online sessions and work that you complete on your own each week. Using the method that has been developed over years of the application of the principles underlying the Science of Learning, the taster module will give you, not only the experience but will be based on the topic of the Science of Learning.

During that time, if you engage in the learning opportunity, you will be given a taste of real thinking. One of the prior students who took this same class in university said, “I have tasted what real thinking is like and I don’t want to ever take a class again that doesn’t teach me to think.” You can experience this for yourself.

Whether you have a university or college degree, are thinking about entering higher education, or find yourself facing an uncertain future as work becomes more and more automated, Socelor provides you with the chance to really learn how to think. Not what to think, but how to think.

Take the taster yourself and see what you think before making any long term commitment.

We have kept the cost down to $200 which is just enough to cover our costs. Enroll now because spaces are limited.

Register now to begin learning with Socelor. Once we receive your registration and payment, we will get back to you with the information that you need to begin your learning with us.

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