Using the principles underlying The Science of Learning, the teaching methods utilize the ideal methods known for learning. Designed to maximize your engagement and motivation, learning at Socelor allows you to really explore your learning potential – if you want to.

The learning experience is designed for you to enhance your concrete cognitive enablers (reading, writing, numeracy, and problem-solving) while learning abstract cognitive enablers (critical thinking, creativity, advanced rational thinking, complex inductive and deductive reasoning, creativity and metacognition) through vibrant and exciting evidence-based discussions about the topics of your choosing.

These abstract cognitive enablers are the skills that have been used to shape the world throughout history. You can learn them and become one of the people who will shape the future. Shape the world as opposed to being shaped by the world. This future can be yours if you want it.

In addition, the methods used have been optimized to develop some of your other unique human skills such as oral communication, leadership, and co-operation. The detailed method of learning can be found here.

It is amazing what you can learn and how enjoyable it can be when the way that you learn is based on solid scientific principles.

Socelor designed learning is all about you and your experience.