Socelor is a Place of Learning

The purpose of Socelor is to teach people abstract cognitive enablers. Skills needed for prosperity in the world we find ourselves in.

With the advent of the 4th Industrial Age, automation is increasingly replacing tasks that have previously been done by people. We believe that there are things that we can do that machines will never be able to do – unique human skills. At Socelor, we are focused on uniquely human thinking skills or abstract cognitive enablers. And we believe Heather McGowan’s adage, “Machines should be used ONLY to unleash human potential.”

Learning abstract cognitive enablers is hard work and you have likely seen numerous approaches for acquiring abstract thinking skills using smart-phone apps, weekend seminars and numerous other quick, shallow, and inexpensive methods. Unfortunately, in spite of the technological advances we see in many areas of society, learning today is still done the same way as it was done at the time of Socrates in ancient Greece.

Learning these abstract cognitive enablers can be done, and The Science of Learning tells us exactly how they can be learned.

Teaching based on the principles underlying The Science of Learning is different from any other formal learning experience you will have had. Education has become teacher focused with either short-term, perishable learning outcomes, specific organizational learning needs that change on a regular basis, or job-focused skills that were great in a world that has disappeared or are current in the world for today, but are going to expire with the next round of automation. Through The Science of Learning, we have developed methods that have been empirically demonstrated to produce measurable and lasting valuable outcomes that will not be easily replaced by technology (if ever).

More detail on the Socelor Study Method