Dr. Jesse Martin is the founder and inspiration for Socelor. After studying for decades how people learn, and trying to convince educators to align their teaching with the principles underlying how people learn, Jesse decided that he needed to make a difference and led a team of like-minded people to build Socelor as an entity.

After receiving many awards and honors for his work on The Science of learning, Jesse was honored to be selected as Top Voice for Education by the largest professional organization in the world (LinkedIn – 600 million members). In addition, he has been recently invited to serve as a member of the Online Executive Council for one of the most prestigious think-tanks (anonymous for reasons of confidentiality) in the world.

Dr. Martin worked in Wales, UK, for many years as an academic at The University of Wales, Bangor (later Bangor University). He was part of the management team (a team of three) who took the Psychology department from being on the verge of closure to becoming one of the psychology powerhouses in academia. During Dr. Martin’s tenure as a manager at the School of Psychology, the School increased in prestige and influence to become the 39th most influential research psychology departments in the world. He left the UK in 2014 for family reasons and returned to Southern Alberta in Canada.

Jesse has worked tirelessly over the years to understand the principles underlying The Science of Learning and apply them to teaching in his own work, as a teacher, and to teach others to adopt student learning as the foundation of their teaching. Unfortunately, even as Jesse has developed methods of teaching that truly unleash the potential of students abilities to think – and enjoy it in the process – his methods have met with active (often hostile) resistance from other teachers.

As society has begun the painful transition through the 4th Industrial Revolution, Jesse has become increasingly aware of the need for learning advanced cognitive enablers. Recognizing the lack of opportunities for individuals to learn advanced cognitive enablers, the foundation for the majority of the skills asked for by organizations as they move through the current upheaval caused by the 4th industrial revolution, Jesse decided to found Socelor as an answer to fill this void.