Cognaware is a free mobile app available for IOS or Android. Cognaware is a simple app that has been designed to measure and develop your ability to discriminate between what you “know that you know” and “know what you don’t know”. The ability to correctly judge whether you know something or not is the foundation of metacognition. And, when you first use Cognaware, you will be surprised at just how little we really understand about what we know and what we don’t know (I was).

There is nothing magical about Cognaware. Cognaware does not suddenly develop your metacognitive skills. What it does is develop the foundation upon which your metacognitive skills are based.

Metacognition is the ultimate skill to learn. It is similar to Maslow’s “self-actualization”. When it is fully developed, metacognition subsumes all of the other abstract cognitive enablers. Fully developing metacognition is a lifetime’s work, but it is one of those skills that, as you develop it, opens your mind to unimaginable insight and understanding.

Here is a link to take you to the archive of articles written about metacognition (and how Cognaware works) on the Socelor website.

The articles cover what metacognition is, how it is developed, and how it effects your life. From creativity to depression, metacognition can effect almost every aspect of your life including:

  • Creativity
    • Creativity – becoming aware enough of what you know and what others don’t know to stop imitating
  • Critical Thinking
    • Critical thinking and analysis is all about evaluating the new against what you already know about a subject.
  • Deep-level Reasoning
    • Deep reasoning involves real thinking about what you already know.
  • Logical Thinking
    • Logical thinking requires you to know how you think
  • Cognitive Flexibility
    • Cognitive flexibility requires you to know what cognitive options you have available.
  • Mindfulness
    • Mindfulness is an awareness of the moment that requires you to be aware of your own thoughts and thought processes
  • Academic Success
    • Academic success depends on thinking – if IQ is the engine, metacognition is the driver.
  • Rational Thought
    • Making better rational decisions requires you to think about what you already know
  • Learning
    • Intellectual ability contributes for about half as much as metacognition to learning something.
  • Depression
    • Increases in metacognition significantly reduce relapse in people who suffer from depression.

Cognaware doesn’t endow you with metacognition, but it develops the base upon which metacognition is built.