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Although Socelor is about your learning, the modules offered to you for your learning have organization and structure that has been developed by Dr. Martin to provide you with the opportunity to develop the advanced cognitive enablers that you are looking to develop.

The form of each module is to understand and contribute to solving real-world problems. The problems are as broad as global poverty or as narrow as enhancing the local agricultural irrigation system. The module problems that are available will be determined by both the number of students who want to look at a particular problem and a couple of modules that will always be available and every student will be expected to enroll in.

The expected modules are modules about learning. You need to understand the form and structure of the learning experience you are engaged in here at Socelor. Because of that, you will be asked to take a module called Learning and Education. This is focused on what we know about how people learn and how that is, and can be, applied to your learning opportunities both within Socelor and in other learning institutions. There is also a module about advanced cognitive enablers, what they are, and how they can be developed. Both of these modules are for your benefit so that you can understand Socelor as you engage in the learning opportunities available.