Are you a business interested in hiring creative, disciplined thinkers?

Would you consider committing a certain number of hires to come from an institution that delivered such employees?

By participating, you will receive not only the immediate benefits of having such employees in your organization, but will also set yourselves apart from the many organizations that fail to see the necessity.

Lean and agile companies do not form out of top-down business hierarchies. Innovation happens with teams of self-managed, critical thinkers. According to Innosight, the average lifespan of a company on the S&P 500 is forecasted to shrink from the 67 years of the 1920s, to just 12 years by 2027.

Critical thinking is the most effective method of solving problems. Critical problem-solving works through a systematic approach, relying on a set of sub-skills to reach a solution. One of the most crucial skills is the critical analysis of evidence. Critical thinking is rarely taught in higher education (where it should be) for two reasons:

1) The need to teach content in college or university courses

2) Demand of parents, employers, and other stakeholders for a narrow focus on specific job skills.

Critical thinking is not a specific job skill in the same way that reading is not a specific job skill. Both are enabling skills, providing people with tools to work with information and knowledge.

As we progress through the painful transition into the post-fourth industrial revolution world, these skills will come to define our value to society. Just as illiterate individuals are devalued in our society today, so too, will those failing to develop higher-level enabling skills be devalued tomorrow.

Now is the time to learn the enabling skills not taught. Businesses and organizations that fail to value and embrace the development of these skills within their employees will find themselves marginalized and disappearing, not in the next ten years, but in the next (very) few years. Cling to the past and we may be remembering your ice block or photographic film producing company.

Embrace the changes because tomorrow is here and the promise of tomorrow is (or can be) a time of unparalleled prosperity and happiness for those organizations or individuals who are valued by society.

Photo by Riccardo Annandale