If you have graduated and are looking for work, you will be finding out that there are already millions of graduates out there doing the same thing as you are doing. What can you do to really stand out from the crowd?

You will have heard a million times that you need a good qualification and that is exactly what you have earned. Now that you have one, what else is there? Skills, Skills, Skills! You have heard that one over and over as well. The problem is that you have gained exactly the same skills as everyone else.

What is it that we are claiming to do that isn’t done anywhere else? We are teaching people abstract cognitive enablers. Those skills that are about really thinking.

Colleges and universities will tell you that this is all about what they have been doing for you. But, you know the truth. Your college or university experience didn’t teach you how to think, it taught you what to think. You were taught tons of stuff, but you weren’t taught to think.

This is what Socelor is all about. Socelor teaches you how to think. We teach abstract cognitive enablers. You will learn more stuff as well as relying on some of the stuff you have already learned, but it is what we do to your thinking about all that stuff that makes the difference.

Is it hard? Of course it is hard. If it were easy, you would have already been taught it at college or university. It will take time and effort. But, you will know very soon after starting that you are learning something that you haven’t learned anywhere before. You are learning how to think.


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