On or honor off

Alongside the musings of Hoffer and findings of Allport, a line of research has illuminated one mechanism that might be fueling some of the violence in far-right ideology. This can be found in the culture of the southern United States.  The fact is, the number of hate groups has greatly increased since 2017 and a … Continue reading


Finding the right assessment.

 It needs to be noted that according to some data, the alt-right are a rare group, with the majority being male, and between the ages of 45 to 60+, there is still a seemingly sizable number of young adults in the group as well. According to this research's particular sample of the population, the alt … Continue reading

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Being right on the wrong side of history

The current state of political discourse is at a rather polarized point in America, especially as their unacknowledged scars are coming to the surface amidst a pandemic. There is clearly a growing divide. One of the most poignant is the built-up rage from many years of systemic racism as those who have suffered the brunt … Continue reading