The method of teaching, which this module has utilized has resulted in an extremely effective process of learning. I think I have done more external research here than for any other module while at university. This is because, in order to understand properly what people are talking about each week, I have had to do… Read More

This module has definitely left me with lifelong skills. It has encouraged me to try to better myself, seeing what my fellow classmates/Housemates are capable of. It keeps you on your toes and makes you want to outdo yourself every week. I agree with you that this module has helped improve my writing skills. Being… Read More

I notice in most blogs, that we do not pitch our blogs and comments at Jesse, we pitch them at each other. This is peer learning and it just shows that we can learn a lot from each other. I’m sure Jesse has also learned a few bits and pieces from us too. It’s great… Read More

Some of “transferable” skills I think I have developed are: Flexible writing. I am now able to write more freely as before I had a tendency to fall under the word count. I now think that I am able to discuss points in more depth and draw on previous learning in my writing. I found… Read More

I don’t think the things I have picked up in this module will be forgotten and I also think I will continue to read about these issues long after the module is finished which is something I don’t usually do! All in all, it depends upon the module organizer. We have been lucky in Jesse… Read More

I’ve never read so many papers as I have for this module. I’ve definitely gone the extra mile with the actual writing too, trying to please the reader (although perhaps my word counts weren’t appreciated). Everyone worked hard not to look like an idiot in front of their peers, but more than that, they wanted… Read More

…other modules are boring. I have never been completely enthralled by a lecture given by the professors. Listening to the same voice and sitting in the same seat for 2 (or 3) hours used to send me into the most wondrous and incredible power-naps I have thus far experienced! However, this module really opens your… Read More

Wow! What a journey this module has been. I really feel that I have learned more here than in any previous module. Being able to go off on research what interests you and then write up your findings as you wish, really ignited an intrinsic drive to do well. As Jesse pointed out, all of… Read More

Thank You, Jesse, for coming up with an original way to conduct a module, and thank you to my co-students for all the stimulating debates that have happened during this module!!

The only reason people get lost in thought is because it is unfamiliar territory – This may well be the case for some people, but this module certainly has made me think, and quite a lot!