Some of “transferable” skills I think I have developed are:

  • Flexible writing. I am now able to write more freely as before I had a tendency to fall under the word count. I now think that I am able to discuss points in more depth and draw on previous learning in my writing. I found after the first few posts that topic ideas came easily to me. I am going to try to continue blogging in order to retain and develop this skill.
  • Review the evidence. Many of the topics I chose had unclear answers or highly differing opinions. I feel I have developed my researching skills and can review the evidence.
  • Discussion. Although this is not a specific skill, I feel that I am more confident in doing so. I really enjoyed this aspect of the class. It is something that I feel that should be developed within other classes, especially this format, as it allowed for freedom of expression.
  • Interest. Again not a specific skill, but I before I hadn’t considered pursuing this area as a career. I have developed a passion for the subject, especially evidence-based practices and intervention within schools.