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The Cost of Learning Abstract Cognitive Enablers: The Benefits of Socelor.

What is the cost of learning?

The costs for learning in society has always been a high one, whether that is an individual cost or if it is a government-funded cost or a combination of both. This should be of no surprise to anyone. However, the benefits from the learning are supposed to outweigh the costs. The idea is that you become a better person, you gain valuable skills along with some more knowledge and some experience. In the past, going through education would be costly, yet it was outweighed by the benefit of a good and fulfilling career. As we know though, the future of work is changing, including the skills that will be desirable to employers, and doing what we have done in the past just won’t cut it. The jobs are changing and now more than ever before do we see people who go into debt to gain a degree, but they cannot find employment that outweighs the cost of a degree. In short, the learning costs need to have some benefit, and in our world, one of those benefits needs to be the ability to think along with knowing how to learn, which will enable an individual to obtain good work.

Socelor is a private company and we do not have access to government funding like the education system has because we will not allow ourselves to be another institute that uses grades, curriculums and standardized tests. We are about fostering learning and we are dedicated to nurturing abstract cognitive enablers. Thus, we have to be a private company and this means the costs will be individually funded for now.

To put this into perspective the government pays colleges and universities about twice as much as the students pay. Now, this is not the total costs that students pay or the total amount of money for every education aspect, rather this is the money that the public universities and colleges receive for the classes they teach. Public institutions get just over $5,000/year for two semesters from students and another $10,000 from the government for a total of $15,000 a year or about $1,500 per class that they teach. Education is not cheap, and the costs on society and on individual students increase with additional fees and interest rates.

At Socelor we strive to help potential students to learn how to think, develop advanced cognitive enablers, gain real experience, and receive recommendations that future employers can see. These are skills that some of the biggest companies in the world are looking for (check out our website for more details). These are some of the benefits of attending Socelor, which help to outweigh the costs.

To attend Socelor we have created a flexible payment plan that allows us to fund the students through loans from Socelor. Please check out our registration page for details about the payment plan that we have created to help individual students.

We are hoping to reduce financial stress by making it possible for students to work full-time if they want to, because of the flexibility of scheduling, we allow the students to pay smaller amounts over a period of time, which is more manageable in the long run. As well, the benefit of being more suitable for employment and having an increased chance of being hired by companies that are seeking the skills we promise to help you develop is a boon. In addition, the practical experience gained and having the confidence to learn anything you want is of great worth. This is more than can be said from the current education system.

We are planning to allow potential students to pay for a module course that takes six weeks to complete. It is also very flexible to student schedules, and it allows anyone to see what we are doing without signing onto a payment plan. The cost will be minimal for this module and after going through it a potential student may decide if they want to go through the full Socelor experience. Also, we are currently developing an online module for potential students to try, and if it is successful we may be able to do most of what we do online, which means that people will be able to learn from the comfort of their home along with all the previously mentioned benefits.

There is a lot of information here, but we are trying our best to make this possible for anyone to join us and have a wonderful learning experience. We also will have room for expansion as more people sign-up to go through the Socelor modules, which means we will need more people to facilitate, and those who go through our module program and begin developing their abstract cognitive enablers will be qualified to obtain work and to be completely forgiven of their payments that they may still owe Socelor. There is a lot of potential with this new company to help people in more ways than one.

We know that what we have to share at Socelor will benefit anyone and everyone. The benefits gained from our program will outweigh the costs, and the best part is that it is manageable, flexible, and allows you to work and learn with less stress. We are a real alternative to helping you achieve your goals. Please learn more about us on our website, ask us questions, and let everyone know about this wonderful opportunity.

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