Colleges and universities have lost their way. More and more, we are seeing organizations that are no longer requiring accreditation in order to work there. There is a reason. Formal qualifications tell an organization that you can memorize (for a short time) and you can pass tests.

So, what is it that we teach? We teach you what you want to learn, but more importantly, we teach you how to think. We focus on the skills that are needed in the world of today and tomorrow. We don’t focus on yesterday’s world – we focus on the future. We teach you the things that automation won’t ever be able to do.

At Socelor, we teach you abstract cognitive enablers.

We have three programs of study.


The first follows a format that is familiar to you. You sign up for modules about a specific subject and study it using the Socelor methods for 10 weeks. At the end of the module, you will receive a certificate of completion. Ten certificates of completion earn you a bronze award, 20 gives you a silver award, and 30 gains you the gold.

Familiar and easy to understand with modules about The Science of Learning, Racism, Global Climate Change, Global Poverty and as many different subjects as you want (global and local challenges) with each currently costing $300 CAD.

Because of the methods we use, you will learn the subject matter better and develop your uniquely human cognitive enablers that won’t be replaced by automation.

Integrated Online

The second program of study is very different. Although the same Socelor methods are used and the same topics can be studied, because of the intense evaluation involved, the cost is considerably higher ($900 CAD per 10 week iteration of single issues). Instead of working toward a certificate of completion, you will be working to shape an institutionally backed recommendation. This recommendation will reflect the skills and abilities that you choose to develop with guidance available to focus on the cognitive enablers and the unique human skills that you value.

The integrated program has a recommendation of 32 study sessions – four at a time over a two year period. Financing is available for you to fund your studies.

Integrated Residential

The integrated residential option is the premium offering. This option uses the same methods as the online integrated option but takes place on a campus with face to face interaction. There are considerable advantages to a face-to-face experience, but the cost is significantly higher ($2,500 CAN per study session).

As with the integrated online option, the integrated residential program has a recommendation of 32 study sessions – four at a time over a two year period. Financing is available for you to fund your studies.

Work Opportunities

All three options will have opportunities to work with Socelor as people begin to understand the value of preparing for tomorrow’s world by learning the cognitive enablers that are a part of our uniquely human abilities that can not be automated.