The cost of learning in our integrated programs is considerably more than studying with an institution that receives public funding. Most publicly funded institutions receive about two-thirds of their funding from other sources.

In addition, because of the intensive evaluation that your work receives, the overheads at Socelor are considerably higher. With a target ration of 10 students for each facilitator, the cost of your learning is high. The details for the residential loan is presented first, followed by the information for the online program.


Residential Socelor Financing

The financing available through Socelor for residential study is over a ten-year period. Each study session is financed for $25 CAD per month over the period of 10 years. This works out at a 3.7% interest rate.

Following a normal program (remember, the duration and intensity of study is entirely up to you) over a suggested two-year period of four topics at a time for three months each, you will have studied 32 topic sessions. Paying $25 CAD per topic means that you begin by paying $100 CAD per month with an additional $100 CAD per month added with each new four-topic cycle (three months). At the end of your studies, you will be paying $800 CAD per month for an additional six years when your payments taper off in the same manner that they grew – $100 CAD drop every three months as the individual topic sessions are paid for.


Socelor Online Financing

The financing works out exactly the same except for the duration of the $25 CAD payments. The duration for the payments are over a 36 month (three year) period rather than a 120 month (ten-year) period.


If you would like further information about our financing, please contact us using the form below.