Residential study is study that takes place on a campus with other learners in a face-to-face environment. This is the optimal way to learn abstract cognitive enablers, but because of the cost, it may be out of reach for many learners who want to study with Socelor.

This list of topics is just the beginning and will be shaped by the learners and their interests as Socelor grows. The topics are based on problems that we need to address and the list is currently limited to global problems.

The only topic that you are required to study is The Science of Learning. This topic will be the first topic you study so that you can gain an understanding as to why Socelor is designed the way it is. We recommend that you study The Science of Learning as a module so that you can gain an understanding prior to making a substantial commitment.

The topics listed below are a list of possible topics and may not ever be studied. The Socelor learning model is driven by the learners, and it is hoped that learners will suggest topics of their own interest, and together we will look for others who might want to study the same topics – either global problems or local problems.

Each ten-week study session is $2,500 CAD for residential study. Information about financing your studies can be found here.


Science of Learning (required)

The Science of Learning is about the scientific principles that underlie how we learn and how these principles work (or not) in education. The aim if this module is for you to understand why the Socelor method is designed the way it is and why it is so effective for your learning.

Regardless of your station or circumstances, this module would be an eye-opener as you find out just how far away education is from what the evidence tells us about how people actually learn – and I don’t tell you anything (because of how the Socelor method of learning works) you find out for yourself.


Global Climate Change

Studying climate change and the effects it will have on our society. In addition, understanding how and why climate change denial works is a possible topic (it is up to you).


Global Poverty and Hunger

Possible avenues of study – along with anything else that you want to pursue:

  • How does poverty and hunger effect individuals or society
  • Why does it exist
  • What solutions might be employed to alleviate this



The how’s, why’s and wherefores of this pervasive problem along with possible solutions.


Roots of International Conflict

International conflicts have plagued society from the beginning. How do these conflicts and what can we do to stop them.


Social Cognition

How do people interact with each other in society and understanding the thinking that underlies individuals interactions within society. These interactions range from addictive behaviour to sexual assault and everything in between.