A core component of the Socelor integrated program is to develop your own recommendation while providing organizations with an accurate representation of the skills and abilities developed during your time at Socelor. Your recommendation comes from the entire institution and is not based on the judgment of any one individual. Your recommendation is produced and backed by the reputation of Socelor as an institution.

Our singular focus is on developing your abstract cognitive enablers.  The strength of your cognitive enablers is decided by you, evaluated by us, and embedded within the recommendation you aim for. In addition to these enablers, Socelor is in a position to provide you with information about other attributes you may have as you work with us. This other information will cover concrete cognitive enablers (e.g. writing ability), technical skills (e.g. software design), or personal skills (e.g. interpersonal temperament).

How are we able to do this?

With a single focus, well-trained facilitators and tutors, and with a high staff/student ratio, we obtain a constant, up-to-date stream of information that allows us to monitor and evaluate your interactions on an ongoing basis. The Socelor learning method provides full-time students with input from 36 different expected activities every week (based on the typical integrated program). These 36 different activities will all be evaluated using the same criteria by up to 36 different facilitators. These evaluations are synthesized by specialists who constantly update your recommendation based on your immediate performance and development. This document is the guide used by you to take responsibility for the development of whatever dimension you choose to work on.

Constant access to your own recommendation, as well as access to tutors who provide support in specific recommendation dimensions, means you are constantly developing and practicing abstract cognitive enablers that form our organizational backbone. This is, of course, accompanied by the attending concrete enablers (reading, basic problem solving, writing etc.), and any interpersonal skills that you decide need improvement.

Below, we have some examples of different levels of Socelor Recommendations. Note that all three exclude the technical skills that would also be acquired, based on the learner’s interests. The Zandaya Abimbola example exemplifies an ideal recommendation.  A’isha Haddad is a  developing recommendation that clearly indicates areas that need positive development. In this case, parts in grey represent sections A’isha has currently chosen to actively develop. The final example, for John Doe, is an example of a student who has not seriously engaged in his developmental opportunities.


While developing your recommendation, you have complete control over the public presentation of any or all of the recommendation. Since you decide when you are finished with your developmental activities, you can choose how to present yourself with the information provided by Socelor. For any organization looking for potential employees, it is as important to note the omissions from the public recommendation as it is to focus on the clearly stated attributes. However, if you agree to an organization receiving an official letter of recommendation from Socelor, the full recommendation will also include commentary on the areas you have not developed. Any official recommendation will include information on your well-developed skills as well as those you have chosen not to develop.

The value of the recommendation lies in the transparency of the evaluations, the immediacy of any development changes, and the support provided during your developmental process. When satisfied with your development, you leave Socelor with the recommendation that you have developed. Additionally, since all of your written work is available to the public if you agree that an organization can see your full recommendation from Socelor, a list of all of your pubically available written work will also be provided so that they can easily find and assess, first hand, the quality of your work.


For any organization, the value lies in the clarity and reliability of Socelor’s skill evaluation. Before bringing someone from Socelor into your organization, you will be provided with as much information about the activities and development, or lack of development, that we have available.

The value for both you, as a learner, entering Socelor for the development of your potential along with the value to an organization of full disclosure of the developed potential of a new employee is great.

It is that value, to both you as a learner and organizations as recruiters, that we at Socelor are dedicated to.