Zandaya has worked with Socelor for almost two years and has exhibited the ability to commit herself to her work from the time she began. She has engaged in a wide variety of subjects ranging from difficult global, local and societal problems, to issues of interpersonal care, communications, and management. She is very reliable and has brought a level of infectious excitement with her when she engages with others. She is the kind of person that draws people to her because of her leadership abilities and her ability to make others feel comfortable around her. She is inclusive in her personal interactions and has always tried to bring others into group interactions, assisting them to develop confidence in their ability to make meaningful contributions.

Zandaya is very well organized and has demonstrated excellent research skills. She is able to consistently produce good, solid evidence supporting the arguments used in her written work and in both her own discussions and the discussions that are led by others. Zandaya is thorough in the appraisal of evidence that she presents, as well as in the evidence presented by others. She has clearly demonstrated the ability to analyze conclusions through the consideration of the methods used to collect information, the treatment of the data, and the logic used to draw the conclusions. This ability includes differentiating between a strong and clear conclusion based on the findings or a conclusion that can barely be supported by the data.

Her writing is clear and concise, having developed the ability to present extremely complex material in a manner that is both understandable and thorough. Her arguments are well presented in a manner that both clearly states a position and welcomes other views on the subject.

In her written and verbal discussions, she has been polite and considerate of other’s views. She is attentive to others arguments and has demonstrated excellent listening skills. When she is new to an area of study, she brings an open mind and a willingness to consider differing positions before choosing a particular position to argue. However, when the evidence is clear, she demonstrates the ability to take a firm position until other, more compelling evidence is presented – at which time she has shown that she can graciously concede and either incorporate this new evidence in her thinking or admit her own mistaken direction and embrace a new position.

Given the above, Zandaya has clearly demonstrated her suitability as an asset to any organization that she becomes affiliated with. However, her most impressive development has been in the area of originality and creativity. Zandaya has developed her thinking in a way that brings new insights or completely new ways of viewing both problems and solutions. Her real creativity brings a depth of understanding and a flexibility of thinking that identifies her as a valuable individual with tremendous potential to provide substantial, positive developments within any organization she works with.

In addition, Zandaya’s well-developed metacognitive abilities provide her with insights into her own abilities. She is aware of both her strengths and shortcomings. She is astute in her selection of the skills that she needs to bring to bear for the situation that she finds herself in.

It is without hesitation that Socelor supports you in your selection of Zandaya for any position that relies on any of the skills that she has developed.

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