John has worked with Socelor for almost 13 months and has developed the willingness to commit himself to his work. He has engaged in a variety of subjects on global and societal problems. He is developing a sense of reliability and interacts well with others. He participates in group interactions and has developed his confidence to make meaningful contributions to discussions.

John is has developed organizational and time management skills that allow him to actively participate in the activities he commits himself to. His research skills are improving and he is able to produce evidence to support the arguments used in his primary written work. John is working on improving his research efficiency in order to provide acceptable evidence for the other activities that he engages in.

As a part of this development of research skills, John is learning to take a more critical approach to the evidence he has found. He is working toward developing his ability to differentiate between strong and clear conclusions based on firm methodology or conclusions that can barely be supported by the data. He is also developing his ability to move beyond popular, general or secondary source material to work with primary source material as evidence for his arguments.

Her writing is developing well and his written presentation is becoming both clear and concise. John has a well-developed ability to present extremely complex material in a manner that is both understandable and thorough. His arguments are well presented in a manner that clearly states a position on a subject.

John needs to become more attentive to others arguments and develop better listening skills. When she is a novice in an area of study, John will reach for well-known arguments from popular literature and has difficulty considering differing positions. When he clearly believes the evidence, he demonstrates the ability to take a firm position. He is working hard to allow others to present evidence that does not support his arguments. He has not yet shown a flexibility in thinking that demonstrates the ability to self-correct in the face of other, more compelling evidence. This is an area that he is currently working on with the support of several facilitators and his personal tutor.

It is without hesitation that Socelor supports you in your selection of John for any position that relies on the skills that he has developed.

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