Socelor is really for anyone who wants to learn to really think. However, there are a few of groups that Socelor is aiming to help. They are: Students right out of high school, students with college or university qualifications who have found out that they aren’t going anywhere, or people in the workplace who can see change coming and see that they need to gain the skills that organizations have said that they really need.

High School (Grads?)

In the world we live in, a college or university degree has become an empty qualification. Socelor is an alternative to a degree. We know how people learn and we know that almost anyone can learn to think. Millions of children and young adults have been crushed by traditional education. In a rewording of Stephen Jay Goulds well know quote – I am, somehow, less interested in the weight and convolutions of Einstein’s brain than in the near certainty that millions of people of equal talent have lived and died in anonymity following their education.

The reason that “Grads” is in quotes is that Socelor is open to anyone who wants to learn. As one former student said, “This is what I expected learning to be like right from the start. After taking your module I have rediscovered that I actually love to learn.” This is the reason that Socelor is open to anyone who wants to give learning a try with no previous qualifications. Students who feel that they are “less able” than other students will find themselves in a community where the love of learning can inspire anyone who wants to learn to overcome any deficits that they have been told they have. There was a student with dyslexia who said that the writing terrified him, but couldn’t believe how easy reading and writing became in a Socelor module.

Disillusioned Graduates

There are millions of graduates, over the last decade especially, who have done what society asked them to do – only to be told, through the hundreds of rejection letters, that they are not needed in our society. These are the graduates who are living with their parents. These are the graduates who are serving in restaurants with a physics degree. These are the hard-working graduates who feel betrayed by a society that promised prosperity if they did what they were asked and have found nothing at the end of the rainbow.

If you feel like you are drained financially and emotionally with nothing ahead but a bleak future, we can help. We can arrange for low-cost financing and a community of learning that will make you want to get up in the morning. And, you will end up with the skills that over 6000 of the largest organizations in the world have said that they are looking for in people.

Uncertain Futures

With 75 million plus people projected to be redundant over the next five years due to automation, there are millions of people facing uncertain futures. Even though over 70% of people feel that their jobs are safe from automation, the writing is on the wall for those willing to look.

If you have the insight to see uncertainty in your tomorrow, have a look at your skills and then honestly evaluate them against the abstract cognitive enablers that organizations have stated that they are looking for. If you feel that you need to prepare for uncertainty, then Socelor is for you. Just because you haven’t engaged in formal learning for some time, don’t worry. We are born to learn. You may feel out of practice, but engagement at Socelor will rekindle the flame of learning like you have never experienced before.

Don’t worry, prepare. Learning is the lighting of a fire, not the filling of a pail.

Photo by Belinda Fewings on Unsplash